Panagra DC-7Pan American-Grace Airways (Panagra) was a joint venture between Pan American World Airways and the Grace Shipping Company.  It operated flights from the United States to the Andean countries of South America, connecting as far south as Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile. The airline was founded in the 1930s to compete with SCADTA, a German-owned company, and held a quasi-monopoly over air travel in many parts of South America during the 1940s and 1950s. The airline merged with Braniff International Airways in 1967.

Panagra was the first airline in South America to develop and apply airways weather forecasts.  The airline also started the first all-cargo route of any American flag carrier when it inaugurated a route between the Canal Zone in Panama and Lima.

Time and again, Panagra’s planes were sent on missions of mercy carrying a vial of precious lifesaving medicine to a dying man, an iron lung to a girl stricken with polio, or a shipment of drugs to arrest the spread of an epidemic.